31 July 2007

Txt Me L8r - Houston Center for Photography

I'm currently participating in a fun exhibit at the Houston Center for Photography, organized by the Aurora Picture Show, called Txt Me L8r. A bunch of great artists are participating. We're being sent instructions for images to send in, on deadline, which are getting posted here and will be up at the museum.

17 July 2007

Turnstile - Single Use at Holden Gallery, Manchester

Next week I'm in a show organized by Interval at the Holden Gallery, in Manchester, UK. Some details:

Turnstile is a new concept in art tourism - an innovative exhibition format developed around the idea that most people only visit an exhibition once. Interval has utilised this observation as a method and redesigned the structure of an exhibition, mimicking an audiences actions and flow.

Time is throwaway, a disposable and low valued commodity. Many contemporary objects and experiences are designed for single use, nurturing a short term, disposable society, a culture of quick consumption and fickle fashions. Art and media are often viewed in a similar way. Many people only pay a single visit to an exhibition, absorbing as much of the experience as possible and lingering if it interests them.

I'm included in one of three shows within the show:


Though we rely on it to get us through tasks both quotidian and extraordinary, our technology is constantly failing us. Decay, malfunctions, errors, and other indicators of failure can be purposefully engineered into a creative work as part of a statement on how our reliance on technology is often founded on untenable hopes that today's cutting edge tools will last the test of time.

Katherine Behar | Marisa Olson | Ruth Pringle

02 July 2007

Two Sound Things!

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently in residence at Free103Point9's beautiful Wave Farm center. I wanted to let you know I'll be doing an online radio show with them, on the 4th of July, and and a live performance on July 7. Details below...

July 4, 2007 : 2pm - 3pm
free103point9 online radio

Presented in the spirit of George Carlin, who said there was nothing more American than "getting drunk and blowing shit up," here's a playlist of contemporary protest songs for your holiday party! Celebrate the freedom to speak, dance, and burn things--whether it's flags, [veggie] burgers, bottlerockets, or CDRs!

July 7, 2007 : 3pm - 9pm
Wave Far, Acra, NY

This outdoors variation of free103point9's Tune(In))) event features artists playing directly into five FM transmitters at free103point9's Wave Farm. No sound is amplified. Attendees tune in with radio headphones (provided) as they explore 30 acres of meadows, forests, and ponds.

A bunch of fun artists are participating. Here's a description of what I'm doing:

Marisa Olson will transmit her voice directly from her headphones to yours, in Mono A Mono, a single channel stream of songs "all about

*Special thanks to ECC and Rick Silva for fresh 7/4 kicks.