10 September 2007

September Stuff

Well, it looks like summer's almost over. It's been an eventful and productive one, but I can't say I'm ready to wish the sun farewell. In any case, the NYC art world is in full back-to-school mode and so am I. In fact, here is the blog for my new course at NYU (on Media Change), for anyone who's keeping tabs. The other fun thing about Fall is that the New Museum of Contemporary Art (with whom Rhizome is affiliated) is about to open their awesome new building on the Bowery and Lauren Cornell and I are curating part of the inaugural exhibition. More to come on that, but we're pretty pumped about it...

Meanwhile, two September things. The first is the Conflux festival, a super fun fest of "psychogeography" events in Bklyn & NYC organized by my Glowlab friends. I was on the jury, this year, and I'll be moderating this panel on Sousveillance, on Saturday the 15th. The panelists (Amy Alexnder, Hasan Elahi, and Jill Magid) are stellar and I'm really looking forward to digging into the issues. I hope you can come! Conflux's schedule is jam-packed with fun, crazy stuff. For instance, I'll also be competing in MTAA's Super Slow 5k (which promises to be nothing like this). I guess you could say I've been in training for a few months now (you know how I like to train), and can't think of a better way to end the summer.

Lastly (for now), if you're going to be in Philadelphia near the end of the month, come by the Esther M. Klein Art Gallery on 9/27, around 7pm, where I'll be giving a talk on art & science. I'll post an update here with more details, in a bit.