28 September 2008

Falling Forward

Hi. Here are some brief notes on stuff I'm doing in October/ November (in addition to the Athens and Philadelphia shows listed below). More to come...

I've co-curated an exhibition with Vera List Center director Carin Kuoni, entitled Ours: Democracy in the Age of Branding. There are some great artists in it. The opening is on 10/15.

For the 20th Anniversary Exhibition of the Instituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca (IAGO), Mexico, Abe Linkoln and I have been asked to show our Blog Art project. It opens 10/20.

Christina Ray is making Glowlab an official gallery and is showing my work in her first show, 30 Grand (they've moved from Williamsburg to Soho and that's the address), opening 10/23.

On Nov 7-8 I'm headed to the bay area to speak at a conference on appropriation in art, at UC Berkeley, entitled Takeovers & Makeovers. My paper's called "Playing by the Rules: Parody and Parasitic Media in Contemporary Protest Art."

The Promiscuous Pop screening I was in at the British Film Institute is traveling to the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art, Brazil, and will run Nov 13-23 in conjunction with the SP Biennial.

FYI, I've also made a bunch of updates to my website's Projects page and, for RSS readers, note that I've added sidebar links to recent interviews with Regine Debatty on We Make Money Not Art and Astria Suparak in NY Arts.

20 September 2008

Philly Show and Net Art Essay

I'm having a solo show in one of the galleries at Vox Populi, a really awesome Philadelphia-based art space. I'm showing Break Up Album (Demo) and some related prints. It opens October 3rd.

I was also asked by LACMA (the LA County Museum of Art)--big supporters of photography--to write an essay for their series, Words Without Pictures. I wrote one called "Lost Not Found: The Circulation of Images in Digital Visual Culture" and there will be official responses posted by artists Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad), Pradeep Dalal, and Matthieu Laurette. I didn't get to write about everyone I wanted to, but I mentioned a lot of "pro surfer" artists (of Nasty Nets ilk) and looked at their work from the perspectives of found photography and montage.

05 September 2008

Back-to-School Season

If you happen to find yourself in Athens, Greece, between now and the end of the year, stop by the National Museum of Contemporary Art where they are showing Abe and Mo Sing the Blogs, the project Abe Linkoln and I did for our Whitney Artport commission. (The one that made Johanna Fateman call my voice "freaky" and "sultry." --Haha, just have to keep reminding myself!)

Speaking of back-to-school, I've actually taken the semester off of teaching at NYU to finish-up my dissertation. (It's on "The Art of Protest in Network Culture, for UC Berkeley's Rhetoric & Film Studies program.) Michael Mandiberg and I are doing a collaborative self-surveillance endurance performance project about it called Marisa Olson Writes Her Dissertation: An Endurance Performance in 31 Acts. It's already been intense, but also productive. Here's a description:

Veterans of web-based autobiographical performance, Olson and "Coach Mandiberg" have teamed-up to get Marisa through her dissertation by framing it as an act of endurance. Every day for the month of September, Olson will spend all day (i.e. EST business hours) writing while webcam shots and screencaps of her desktop are automatically uploaded to the net every 60 seconds. This gesture of transparency is a continuation of Olson's research into the role of sousveillance in "The Art of Protest."