30 May 2008


Hi. It's been a while. I have a fractured hip, torn ACL, and a lot of damaged bone marrow. I've spent the last few months on a nice pair of hot pink crutches and I had knee surgery last week. I feel olllldddd, but I'm currently recuperating in Berlin, where the living's EZ. Anyway, I'm taking most of the summer off to write write write, but I am doing some live performing and showing my work in the following shows.

MOMA Performance, NYC, 5/19: I performed in a Lovid project called "Help Carry a Tune" at the Museum of Modern Art with eteam, Hanna Fushihara Aron, Michael J. Schumacher, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Thomas Beard, and Bengala.

Netherlands Institute for Media Art/ Montevideo, Amsterdam: From May 24-June 26, I'll be in a show called My [public] space, which is about the blurring of private and public information and spaces and which also features the work of Erich Berger/Elina Mitrunen, Hasan Elahi, Martijn Engelbregt, Kota Ezawa, Dora Garcia, Susan Hartig, Jill Magid, Eva and Franco Mattes a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG, Eduardo Navas, and Guy Ben-Ner

Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati: From May 24-August 31 I'm in American Idyll: Contemporary Art and Karaoke, which also includes Joel Armor, Candice Breitz, Phil Collins, Mark Harris, David Herbert, Mehdi Hercberg, Christian Jankowski, Ryan Mulligan, Reid Radcliffe and Jose Versoza.

WOOLOO's New Life Berlin Festival, June 1-15: Every day at 6pm I'll be performing as a parody of Martha Stewart, in a futuristic TV show entitled Assisted Living, which is focused on coping with the health & environmental challenges (including Global Warming-Related Illnesses or GWI's) of living a life prolonged by technology. I'll devise craft-projects and recipes for 130-year-olds, taping the show on-site before a "live studio audience." Stop by 13-15 Karl-Liebknechtstrasse (Alexanderplatz/Mitte) any time if you're around. On June 14th there will be a closing party DJ'ed by AIDS-3D's Daniel Keller with Oliver Laric, and Martin Backes...

Pompidou Centre, Paris: The "Real Time" show I was in at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art travels to the Pompidou starting on June 13th, in conjunction with the Pocket Film Festival.

Kunstraum Muenchen: Abe Linkoln and I are showing our work in an exhibit called Into the Music, which also includes Johanna Billing, Jeremy Deller, Iain Forsyth + Jane Pollard, Hadley + Maxwell, Kristin Lucas, Elke Marhöfer, and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay. It's up June 25-August 10th

Schroeder Romero Gallery, NYC: I'm in a group show here, called Fair Game, which explores sports and competition as political spectacles. It opens June 26th. I'm showing 96-00-04-08, along with a red and blue headphone duet...

Leonard Pearlstein Gallery/ Drexel University, Philadelphia: From June 23-July 25, the Bitmap show I was in at Vertexlist is touring to this venue and they are producing a catalogue, so look for more info on my blog, next month.

Light Industry, Brooklyn: On July 8th, something very exciting is happening. I'm releasing an artist book of my high school poems (designed by Robert Bolesta), called "Songs I Wrote While Listening to the Doors, 1992-1994 (Before the Internet)" and in this one-night event, some of the poems will be read by myself, poets Thom Donovan, Stephanie Gray, Christian Hawkey, Dorothea Lasky, and other surprise guests, PLUS original songs using my poems as lyrics will be performed by members of the bands Professor Murder/ Tan Lines, Aa, and Taigaa. These songs, and a few of my own will be accompanied by videos made by myself. It's going to be a very special night.

Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia: I'll be having a solo show here, called "Background Information," from July 11-August 30. The show will feature all new work, including installations, prints, and a video animation revolving around images culled from the internet.

I'm in Exit Art's summer show, "Summer Mixtape Volume One: The Get Smart Edition," opening July 24. The website says: "Drawing on influences from hip-hop and popular culture, the exhibition seeks to evoke the appropriated, personalized essence of the mixtape... The exhibition, curated by Exit Art's Associate Curator, Herb Tam, and Assistant Curator, Lauren Rosati, will also feature a jukebox with mixtapes produced by the artists and some special guests."

From August 22-September 26 I'm in a show at the University of Maine called "Seriously, Funny: Art as social, political, and cultural critique." The show is part of their fifth annual contemporary arts fest called Without Borders.