31 December 2007

Weight of the World

I'm showing my new "video album," Break Up Album (Demo), at Cincinnati's Reed Gallery, in a group show called Weight of the World:

Curated by Maiza Hixson and Ryan Mulligan, “Weight of the World” testifies to art’s potential for self-healing/coping/and emotional survival. The exhibition features 17 artists, each of whom examine his/her own own life through the practice of art making, using the process of making as a step in healing. The works are simultaneously self-centered and universal. With subjects ranging from homemade support groups, coping with death and grief, self-actualization after a break-up, financial difficulties, and an artist place in a post 9/11 world, the show resonates with sincerity and humble self-reflection. Please join us for an opening reception Thursday, January 10th at 5:30 pm.

"Break Up Album (Demo)" is a four-channel video project about pain as a medium, the breakup album genre, and the notion of a demo--something that shows what an artist may (or may not) have to offer or be capable of... in hopes of getting "picked up." Excerpts from the project can be seen here

19 December 2007

Oh Yeah!

Hi! Below is info about a new project and a couple of articles...

Oh Yeah I Love You Baby is my remix album of pop music samples in which each word in the album title is also the title of a respective track whose lyrics consist solely of that word. These are the "greatest hits" of pop music! Enjoy the tracks and please visit the credits page, where you can download the samples to make your own remixes and where I share my gratitude for Daniel Iglesia.

Also, just a note to keep an eye out for the recently-released Jan/Feb issue of NY Arts magazine for which Astria Suparak interviewed me. A bunch of artist friends are in this issue and it looks like a fun one.

Likewise, Andrew Lavallee's Wall Street Journal article, Even Boring Blogs Are Things of Beauty In Some Artists' Eyes, just went out. (Here's a PDF as it appeared in print.)

Happy holidays!

09 December 2007

We Interrupt Your Program at Mills College Art Museum

Heyhey. Happy December. I'm trying to move into cruise control for some things so I can step-up my work on other things. I just sent off my installation for the show above, at the Mills College Art Museum, and I'm pretty excited about the show (I love these artists and Marcia Tanner is a legendary curator whom I've long admired), so I'm posting now and I'll be back in January with more news. Meanwhile, at Mills I'm premiering a video called Golden Oldies, which will be shown with one of my headphone installations. I posted an excerpt here and below is the 'official' description from my website. I want to say thanks to my assistant, Thomas Galloway, who helped me out on the sound design for this piece.

In this performance taped during a residency at the Experimental Television Center, I attempted to instigate communication between a CD boombox, child’s record player, and various defunct media: vinyl records, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and CDs. Like the garbage that piles up as we upgrade our phones and computers, the detritus accumulated in these efforts gets blindly swept aside in this ultimately fruitless effort.