19 August 2007

roundtable convo at the great internet sleepover

Hey! Something really exciting is happening. Bennett Williamson decided to organize a Great Internet Sleepover at Eyebeam and old friends, new friends, and as-yet-unmet internet friends are coming in from California, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and all over NYC to participate. It's going to be legendary! It's on Friday, August 24th, and while the all-night sleepover part is only for the "pro surfers" (i.e. crews like Nasty Nets, Double Happiness, Supercentral, and Loshadka, plus a few indie surfers) the whole thing is open to the public from 8-10pm. Some of the guys asked me to moderate an artists' roundtable discussion, so I'm gonna do that around 9pm, and my co-panelists will be Bennett, Michael Bell-Smith, and Tom Moody. But I really want everyone to participate! We'll talk about things like the nature of this "scene," the forms of collaboration that have emerged, the creative/ consumptive practices at play in contemporary net art, the nature of web surfing-related art work, etc... So come check it out, if you're interested in this stuff.

PS I made a little video portrait of the artists who came.

Big thanks to Clint Chilcott, Bennett Williamson, and James Powderly for help with set-up!