26 March 2007

Break Up Album (Demo)

My residency at Alfred's IEA was a blast and super productive. I made a ton of new work, including a new "video album" called Break Up Album (Demo). More images and a description here. (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

Hasan Elahi in Planet

I wrote an article on Hasan Elahi which appears in the just-released new issue of Planet. Right now I'm finishing up an article on Beirut, for the next issue...

15 March 2007

Rad Rhizome Benefit Concert!

Please come to what promises to be a super fantastic Rhizome Benefit Concert, on April 16, 2007. The concert will feature three of my favorite bands: Gang Gang Dance, Professor Murder and YACHT, all of whom blend a wide range of musical influences and instruments to create original sounds. The Benefit (MC'ed by the always awesome Cory Arcangel) will take place at the Hiro Ballroom in the Maritime Hotel, 371 West 16th Street.

Tickets are $75 - higher-level supporter or vip/ $35 - general public/ $25
- Rhizome Member and groups. Rhizome Members can bring up to ten guests at the discounted member rate.

Details and ticket purchase http://www.rhizome.org/benefit

12 March 2007

March Madness

I've really fallen behind on blogging, but a lot's happening on many fronts. I've been giving a bunch of talks, in random places, and sitting on some interesting panels & juries. I've got some new stuff in-progress, and I'm finishing Oh.Yeah.I.Love.You.Baby, with my "producer" Daniel Iglesia (who likes it when I call him "the DJ Jazzy Jeff to my Fresh Prince") and cooking up ideas for the "record launch." (Please feel free to hit me with your own ideas!) This week I head to Alfred University, for a residency at their Institute for Electronic Arts. Then I come back and help jury entries for the annual Conflux festival put on by my good friends, Glowlab. The same weekend, on 3/24, Nasty Nets is having a night of screenings and performances, at Telic, in LA. I'll be showing some video work. That's it for now. More soon.